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Ceramic Ball

Ever since we manufactured first water-based roller pen in the world back in 1963,      
our philosophy has been to provide OHTO customers with writing pens that are  better in every way.
This started us on the road to developing Fine Ceramic Ball as a writing ball.

Main feature of fine ceramic ball is that it gives ULTRA SMOOTH & SOFT WRITING.
The reason to it is that it possess unlimited natural crators on the surface. 
Ink  reserved in those crators is the reason to give the writing which is more smoother & more softer than 
the writing from the conventional balls. 
Besides, Ceramic ball is AS HARD AS DIAMOND and it is RUST FREE.
Due to this feature, it gives same writing quality irrespective of manufacturing date. 
This is why,  OHTO CERAMIC ROLLER PEN writes smooth even after couple of  years.  

Crators on fine ceramic ball(click the picture for zoom)

In comparison to Fine Ceramic Ball, Tungsten Carbide Ball(TC ball) is not rust free.

Corrosion of a Tungsten Carbide Ball(click the picture for zoom) 


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