In 1999, OHTO developed "NEEDLE-POINT",  a combination of low viscosity soft ink and
Needle shaped writing tip.

Cutting type needle tip and a low-viscosity oil-based ink (soft ink).

By combining these two technologies, "NEEDLE-POINT" was born.

● Ink is different! 
● Tip shape is different!


■ Clear writing of fine characters
■ Original like print even in the copy or fax
■ Clear and stable straight line.

- Easy to write with needle-shaped tip
A writing tip, roughly can be divided into two types.
Bullet-shaped CONE tip and narrowed needle-shaped NEEDLE tip.

- Thin but strong Needle tip

Conventional needle type is made by using two type of parts 
(metal pipe and plastic adapter)as shown in the figure below.

If the writing pressure is strong, burden on the plastic adapter
may cause the tip bent and affect the writing performance.

But, Needle tip is shaped as a needle by cutting out of  
a single block.So it is as strong as conventional cone tip.
It will not bend, no matter how strong the writing pressure is.

- Smooth writing feeling Soft ink

As compared with the conventional oil-based ink, a soft ink with reduced ink viscosity,
was newly developed.
With it, you can write smooth and effortless.
In addition, the color shade of black ink is very dark.
Therefore, it prints very clear even in COPY or FAX.


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