1929 Established in Tokyo, Japan and started manufacturing high quality dyes and ink.
1949 Manufactured world's first pencil shaped ballpoint pen with chrome ball.
This is the first Made In Japan ballpoint pen.
1960 Developed non-smudged ballpoint pen tip with 0.6mm ball along with document ink, first in the world.
1962 Launched retractable type ballpoint pen, first in the world.
1963 Developed revolutionary ballpoint pen with tugsten carbide ball of very good preservation stability, first in the world.
1964 Manufactured ballpoint pen refill with transparent pipe, first in the world.
1964 Developed revolutionary ballpoint pen using waterbased ink, first in the world.
This innovation added new product category in the ballpoint pen history naming it as ROLLER PEN.
1968 Launched pencil type ballpoint pen having texture groove at the top.
1978 Introduced the rubber grippered ballpoint pen, first in the world.
1981 Invented a revolutionary Roller Pen CERAMIC ROLLER PEN which uses rust free Ceramic Ball as its writing ball.
* Ceramic Roller Pen(model CB-10F) was officially used at the 1990 Economic Summit of Industralized Nations.
1991 Developed pigment ink Water-proof/Fade-proof Roller Pen.
1999 Manufactured single blocked Needle Tip, first in the world.
2006 Launched gel ink Roller pen with Ceramic Ball.

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